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Ateneum's workshop offers different kinds of courses for museum visitors of all ages. The techniques used can range from silk screen printing to ceramics, as well as the more traditional methods of drawing and painting. Through observation, discussing and experimenting, those taking part in the workshops will be able to look at the works of art on display in the museum from a fresh perspective.
Workshop activities can also be tailored to suit people with disabilities.

Non-stop workshops on Saturdays, 11:00–14:00

Our non-stop workshops are open to everyone and do not require special skills. Workshops are not arranged in the summer 2020.

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Bring your group to Ateneum!

How would you like experience Ateneum’s exhibitions and collections by creating art yourself? Reserve a workshop for your group, and after a little tuition you all try experimenting with different techniques that open up new perspectives to your familiar surroundings and art.

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Workshops for adults

The workshops are related to current exhibitions.

Workshop programme

Contact information

Erica Othman, Educational Curator
Address Kaivokatu 2, FI-00100 Helsinki