Luento: Towards the Unbound Museum

klo 17, Ateneum-sali

Dr. Mikkel Bogh: Towards the Unbound Museum

”The digitised museum has opened up an experiential space not defined by architecture and opening hours and more or less undefined by curatorial perspectives.”

Mitä haasteita kohtaamme tarjoessamme lähes rajattoman pääsyn museon kokoelmiin? Entä miten pitkälle haluamme mennä kohti avointa, rajatonta museota?

Allan & Bo Hjeltin taidesäätiö ja Ateneumin taidemuseo tuovat Kööpenhaminasta puhujavieraaksi Statens Museum for Kunst SMK:n johtajan, taidehistorioitsija Mikkel Boghin. Hän kertoo kokemuksia strategisesta kokoelmatyöstä ja Tanskan kansallisgallerian hiljattain käynnistämästä SMK Open -projektista.

Luento on osa Hjelt Lecture Series –luentosarjaa, joka on jo useamman vuoden ajan tuonut taidemaailman kansainvälisiä tekijöitä Suomeen luennoimaan.

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Towards the Unbound Museum

Most museums are places you visit. For most visitors the museum experience unfold within delimited  areas or buildings housing physical objects of a particular interest or events with a special relation to a collection of things. Physical presence of people and objects and real encounters in rooms are key to the museum as an architecturally defined space.

In recent years, however, the museum experience has acquired another dimension, demanding other kinds of presence and attention, while opening up towards other kinds of use and participation. Still more museums strive to digitise their collections and to give free access to works and objects that for most people have been inaccessible because in storage.

The digitised museum has opened up an experiential space not defined by architecture and opening hours and more or less undefined by curatorial perspectives. But what are the challenges of the thus unbound museum in terms of curatorial authority as well as in terms of finances and legal issues?

What do we risk losing by giving almost unlimited access to digitized  collections?  What can be gained? And how far do we want to go towards the unbound museum?

This talk takes as a starting point experiences with open access and strategic developments such as the newly launched project SMK Open at Statens Museum for Kunst / SMK in Copenhagen.

Dr. Mikkel Bogh is an art historian and since 2014 director of Statens Museum for Kunst. He was an associate professor of modern culture studies at the University of Copenhagen 1995-2005 and served as rector of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Art, 2005-2014.
He has published extensively on topics relating to the Western tradition of art and culture from the 17th century until today. In 2016 he curated the exhibition Closer – intimacies in art 1730-1930 at SMK and published a book-length exhibition catalogue under the same title. He is currently preparing a book with the working title Debating the contemporary museum.