Film screening: What’s the Time in Vyborg?

SUN 17 Sept, 15:00
SUN 24 Sept, 14:00
Ateneum Hall

Liisa Roberts: What’s the Time in Vyborg? (2001–2004). The film’s languages are Russian, Finnish and English. English subtitles. Duration 87 minutes.

Ateneum Hall. Admission is included in the museum entrance fee or with a Museum Card.

The artist Liisa Roberts will be present to discuss the film and answer questions after both screenings.

In 2000 Liisa Roberts initiated a multidisciplinary city-wide project that took as its starting point Vyborg’s municipal library, designed by Alvar Aalto in 1927. The aim of recovering the building’s past, embodied in the library’s restoration by the Finnish Committee for the Restoration, inspired Roberts to encourage a more acute public awareness not only of Vyborg’s history, but of its post-Communist present and future.

Roberts began by hosting a creative-writing workshop for local teenagers in the library’s auditorium. From this seed grew multiple interconnected public manifestations. One of these, the film “What’s the Time in Vyborg?”, gives narrative form to the participating teenagers’ images of Vyborg through footage, both documentary and fictional, gleaned from all phases of work on this project.

The film premiered in 2004 at the Whitney Biennial in New York, in the auditorium of the Edgar J. Kaufmann Conference Center at 809 United Nations Plaza, designed by Alvar Aalto. In the same year, the film was shown as part of the Finnish Broadcasting Company’s Uusi Kino series of new films. The film has been screened at many museums and events in Finland and abroad, including in Vyborg, during the 70th anniversary of the Aalto-designed library in 2005.

Script: Liisa Roberts and team (incl. Olga Fedotova, Dina Grigorieva, Yana Klichuk, Liubov Mukhorova, Julia Popova and Anna Yaskina)
Cinematography: Aleksandr Burov
Sound: Leonid Lerner
Editing: Anne Lakanen
Producer: Liisa Roberts and Cilla Werning / Silva Mysterium

Mikä aika on Viipurissa? -elokuvan teko alkoi vuonna 2001 nuorten käsikirjoitustyöpajalla Viipurissa. Kuva: Boris Nikandrov.

Photo: Boris Nikandrov

-kirjastossa. Elokuvan pop-up elokuvateatterin suunnitteli arkkitehti Aleksandr M. Schver. Kuva: Alexander Burov.

Photo: Alexander Burov