Contemporary circus: Circo Aereo – Perhonen

Perhonen (’Butterfly’) – a contemporary circus show for children and adults

The story of a man who lives the life of a butterfly. Together, can we make the walls of the cocoon open and free him to fly? The show combines dance, magic and comedy and is suitable for over five-year-olds. The show is wordless and lasts for 50 minutes. Tickets: €18 adults, €10 children (under 16 year-olds). You can buy your ticket at the Ateneum Art Museum’s online shop.

Concept and direction: Maksim Komaro
Performer: Vojtech Fülep
Lighting design: Juho Rahijärvi
Costume design: Kati Mantere
Production: Circo Aereo

Vojtěch Fülep is a Czech circus and dance artist who has also worked as a theatre actor in a number of productions. Fülep is one of the founding members of the internationally recognised contemporary circus group Cirk La Putyka.

Circo Aereo circus shows have been seen in more than 40 countries around the world. The Ministry of Education and Culture granted Circo Aereo the prestigious Finland Prize in 2009.

Performances in the Ateneum Hall:

Wed 21 Nov, 18:00 (premiere)
Fri 23 Nov, 18:00
Sat 24 Nov, 15:00
Sun 25 Nov, 15:00
Tue 27 Nov, 18:00
Wed 28 Nov, 18:00
Thu 29 Nov, 18:00

Photos: Kalle Nio