Ateneum Live Talkshow

Live encounters once a month: words, tones and ideas; crying and laughter; and bold debates. Featuring topical guests who represent various fields in culture, art and society. The discussions will be led by the journalist and producer Baba Lybeck. Talk show guests will be announced the week before each show.
In Finnish. Admission is free.


Previous Ateneum Live Talkshows

Spring 2018

Wed 18 April: Museums and society
Museums evoke big feelings, but what is a museum’s function in society in the present day? Guests will be:
– Susanna Pettersson, Ateneums museum director
– Jukka Savolainen, museum director, Design Museum 
– Joanna Kurth, Chief Curator at Turku Museum Services, in charge of the project The History Museum
The discussion will be streamed live at Ateneum’s Facebook.

Wed 21 March from 18:00 to 19:30: Nations of Silence. What do we remember, what do we forget and why? The discussion is held in English.
– Artist Adel Abidin
– Pekka Haavisto, Member of Parliament (the Greens)
– Sari Näre, researcher and writer
– Lasse Lehtinen, journalist and writer
Watch the discussion in Youtube or Facebook (starting from 35 min.)

Wed 21 February: The sixth extinction
Guests: Pertti Salolainen, Satu Hassi, Sanna Hellström and Terhi Ryttäri

Wed 31 Jan: topic was the “Trans Act” of Finland

Autumn 2017

Thu 16 Nov. Equality in the film industry. Guests were Heidi Lindén, Saara Saarela, Maarit Lalli, Iiris Heikka and Marianne Mäkelä.

Thu 19 Oct. How does climate change affect the Finnish nature? Mari Pantsar, Kimmo Ohtonen, Risto Isomäki and Hanna Nikkanen as guests.

Wed 20 Sept: Artificial intelligence and art, in Finnish
Watch the interview on Helsingin Sanomat’s website

Wed 30.8. novelist Paul Auster, in English
Watch the interview on Helsingin Sanomat’s website

Photo of Baba Lybeck: Iiris Heikka

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