Ateneum Club

In spring 2018, the Ateneum Club will present the most current Finnish music-makers and the most exciting names of the future. The club nights are held at the Ateneum Bistro from 19:00 to 21:00, with showtime at 20:00.

The Ateneum Club spring programme has been curated by Pietari Pyykönen, who is behind events such as LYNX, Olohuoneklubi and Tavastian Sunnuntait.

Tickets €15 (including admission to the exhibitions) in advance from the museum’s online shop. Tickets can also be bought at the door before the show, subject to availability. When you arrive at the Ateneum, show your ticket at the ticket office or the museum shop, and you will receive a free ticket to the exhibitions. Your free ticket will be valid until the end of 2018.

Wednesday 6 June: Pesso

Pesso is a Helsinki-based musician, songwriter and rap artist who has been making music for half his life. With various projects under his belt, the 28-year-old music-maker does everything himself, from composing and writing lyrics to arranging and producing.

Musically, Pesso is inspired by experimental solutions and unusual production methods. Pesso feels that it is important to make music in the environments that inspire the songs. For this reason, the bulk of the material has been composed, written, and partially recorded at home, with the artist in the bathroom, sitting by the window, or enjoying a coffee at the dining table.

Pesso’s debut single “Tiistai” (“Tuesday”) has been played frequently on radio stations and streaming services, and his live performances have been widely praised. This is reason enough for you to come and personally check out Pesso’s Experimental Spectacular Live Show!
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Режим работы

вт, пт 10–18
ср, чт 10–20
сб, вс 10–17
понедельник – выходной день

Продажа билетов в Атенеуме заканчивается за 30 минут до закрытия музея.

Режим работы Атенеума в праздничные дни в 2018 году

Стоимость входных билетов

Обычный билет – 15 €
Льготный билет – 13 €
До 18 лет – вход бесплатный
При наличии карты S-Etukortti – 14 €

Продажа билетов в Атенеуме заканчивается за 30 минут до закрытия музея.


Кайвонкату 2, 00100 Хельсинки, Финляндия +358 (0) 294 500 401

Безбарьерная среда

Вход групп, посетителей с колясками и на колясках, а также вход по предварительным билетам со стороны улицы Ateneuminkuja.

Заказ экскурсий

вт–пт 9-15 +358 (0) 294 500 500

Музейный магазин

Во внутреннем дворике Атенеума расположен музейный магазин, где представлен широкий ассортимент печатной продукции, открыток и сувениров.


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