Ateneum Club

Ateneum club nights are intimate and atmospheric gigs at the Ateneum Bistro. The artists in the autumn club nights are female Finnish singer-songwriters who pour out stories that take you from the city streets to various landscapes of the mind.

The club nights are held at the Ateneum Bistro from 19:00 to 21:00, with showtime at 20:00.

Tickets €15 (including admission to the exhibitions) in advance from the museum’s online shop. Tickets can also be bought at the door before the show, subject to availability. When you arrive at the Ateneum, show your ticket at the ticket office or the museum shop, and you will receive a free ticket to the exhibitions. Your free ticket will be valid until the end of 2018.

Wednesday 31 October: Lau Nau

Lau Nau, or Laura Naukkarinen, is one of the most original names currently on the Finnish music scene who frequently plays gigs abroad. Lau Nau’s cinematic and experimental music has echoes of folk music traditions, combined with modern art and chamber music. Joining Lau Nau at the gig will be the jouhikko (‘bowed lyre’) player Pekko Käppi.

Lau Nau’s fifth album, Poseidon, was published in Finland and also in the United States and Japan. The album was an Emma Award nominee in the critic’s choice category in 2017, and it has received a lot of glowing critiques. Poseidon is a collection of songs that move between chamber orchestra folk and experimental pop in its own distinctive world of bright melancholia.

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Wednesday 12 December: Kanerva

Kanerva is a Helsinki-based singer-songwriter and lyricist whose acclaimed debut album Paritanssi (‘Partner dance’) appeared in March 2018.  The album is a set of strong and intense songs that explore the evolution of a long relationship, from the beginning until the bitter end.

Kanerva’s texts display a sense of maturity and openness. The songs feature dark shades, sensitivity and magical rhythms. Kanerva’s strong voice and skilful guitar-playing tie everything together. Kanerva’s style has been praised as nuanced and skilful: she writes using all the senses, changing the viewing angle, like the artist Kauko Röyhkä.

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Wednesday 19 December: Astrid Swan

Note! The gig was originally supposed to be in September. The gig is now rescheduled to December.

Astrid Swan is a music-maker and performer who has released six albums. Her latest album, From the Bed and Beyond (Soliti, 2017), describes her journey from receiving a breast cancer diagnosis to a changed life. Swan’s music and lyrics deal with the closeness of death, hope, new beginnings and love in an emotionally powerful manner.

From the Bed and Beyond won the Teosto Prize, a major Finnish art prize, in 2018. It was also nominated for the prestigious Scandinavian Nordic Music Prize, and was an Emma Award nominee in the critic’s choice category. Swan’s music has been published in several countries in addition to Finland, and she has also toured in the United States and Europe.

Currently, Astrid Swan is working on her first work of literature. She is also writing her PhD dissertation on “mom blogs” as expressions of material and digital motherhood.

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