Ateneum Club: Matti Johannes Koivun Uskomaton Folktrio


Ateneum Club nights are surprising and intimate gigs at the Ateneum Bistro. The artists featured in autumn 2020 can be subsumed under the description of ‘contemporary folk music with a tight groove and a mystical flavour’.

Wednesday 9 September 2020, Ateneum Bistro

Matti Johannes Koivun Uskomaton Folktrio (‘Matti Johannes Koivu’s Unbelievable Folk Trio’). Matti Johannes Koivu is passionate about performing music live. He has done hundreds of gigs around Finland, both solo and with his band. At the Ateneum Club, Koivu will perform with his band, whose other members are Topi Karvonen (double bass) and Aili Järvelä (violin).

“The sustainability of music is weighed in front of a live audience. The songs have to work in Hanko in the very south of Finland and in Nuorgam up north, in both large and small venues. I love the challenge of performing live; feeling nervous and scared, and how music at its best can free the performer and the audience.”

Tickets, which cost €20 each, are available from the online shop. The ticket includes admission to the exhibitions. Tickets can also be bought at the door before the show, subject to availability. When you arrive at the Ateneum, show your ticket at the ticket office or the museum shop, and you will receive a free pass to the exhibitions. Your free pass will be valid until the end of 2020.

Club nights are held from 19:00 to 21:00, with showtime at 20:00.


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Photo: Marek Sabogal