Information for teachers

Teachers and schoolchildren are welcome to the Ateneum Art Museum. We hope you have a pleasant visit. You should discuss the museum visit and these instructions with your class in advance. Further advice is also available from the museum’s information service, call 0294 500 401,

  • Begin your visit at the ticket office. Everyone gets a sticker that should be placed where it can be readily seen.
  •  Bags and coats are left in the cloakroom. During the most popular exhibitions, the museum’s cloakroom is very full, and we would like you to leave bags at school if your museum visit takes place in the middle of a school day. If your day begins or ends at the museum, bags can be left in the cloakroom. They must never be taken into the exhibition rooms.
  • The group then moves to the museum courtyard to meet with its guide, or goes to see the exhibitions with the teacher. Schoolchildren must always be overseen by their teacher in the exhibition rooms, even when they are working on individual assignments.
  • It is polite to take other museum visitors into account, but you do not need to whisper. It is okay to speak with the guide and ask questions.
  • Works of art are fragile and irreparable. This is why they must never be touched. Even though the damage might not be visible at first, it will occur later.

Admission is free for children under 18.

Stories of Finnish Art

Ateneum has produced 13 short films of the most beloved artworks of its collection. Watch the films
Assignments for the short films (pdf, 399 k)


Ateneum’s workshop offers courses for all ages. Attending is usually free of charge for schools and nurseries. For further information, see Workshops.

Guided tours

Guided tours must always be booked in advance.
Book a guided tour.

Read more about our thematic tours.

Ateneum Art Gate

Ateneum Art Gate is an augmented reality mobile application created in cooperation with Arilyn. You can use it to explore nine of the main gallery’s most central pieces!

Thematic Tours in Ateneum's collections

Welcome to the collection exhibition in Ateneum Art Museum! The aim of our tours is to make the museum visit inspiring, rewarding and fun!

Archive: Materials for Schools and other Groups

These resource packages contain background information, study tips and assignments for school groups that are associated with Ateneum's exhibitions.