Jussi Heikkilä

Jussi Heikkilä: Observations - Findings, 2017 (detail). Owned by the artist. Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Hannu Aaltonen

“The more you open up to nature, the more it gives.
The quieter you are, the more it speaks to you.
We are the same – me, nature and you.”
Jussi Heikkilä

Jussi Heikkilä (born in 1952) is known for his conceptual sculptures and installations based on nature. He feels at home in the Finnish archipelago as well as with extreme experiences on high mountains. He transfers his experiences in nature into thoughts and colour notations, eventually moulding them into works of art.

In his works, Heikkilä takes a stand on the state of our planet, primarily the importance of birds as indicators of the state of the environment and the load on the oceans. Many of his works take their themes from birds and their movements – the spring, summer, autumn and winter migratory routes that repeat from one century to the next.

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  The three museums will be closed for public as of 30 November 2020. The museums will stay closed until 20 December 2020. Ateneum's museum shop will be open as normal. Entrance to the museum shop is on the Ateneuminkuja side. Visitors over 13…

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