Corporate partnership


We are the home of Finnish art and our nation’s collective memory – no more and no less. Furthermore, we are a central meeting place, we offer shared and private experiences, we participate in debates, we take stands, we talk, and we listen. We want to create memories and magic.

We do not consider ourselves to be an ordinary partner, which is why we are not looking for ordinary partnerships. We can offer something unique; something no other party can. We believe that a 21st-century art museum can do more than just showcase art. We want to participate in social debate and boldly take a stand on current issues, in accordance with our values.

We value doing things together.
We value openness and transparency in all our operations.
We also value expertise and professionalism.

We are currently seeking buddies. We are not looking for traditional sponsors, and not even for normal corporate partners. What we want are buddies, friends, with whom we could create something new and unique. Our relationship can be tight or loose – we can play together every day or less frequently, as appropriate.

Ateneum’s main corporate partner is HOK-Elanto.

Photo: Ville Malja