Café Höijer on the third floor. Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Aleks Talve

Café Höijer has opened on our third floor

Café Höijer offers classic café products served to table. Ateneum Bistro remains in business as usual on the first floor of the Ateneum.

A cafe has just opened on our third floor

Café Höijer, named after the architect Theodor Höijer, who designed the Ateneum building, offers classic café products served to table. The café also serves a diverse selection of wines and coffees.

“Art museums are unique operating environments for restaurants. The history and setting of the Ateneum building provide a special atmosphere for a restaurant. Both food and art, at their best, offer powerful experiences, and with the launch of Café Höijer, the two go even more hand in hand at the Ateneum”, says the CEO of Soupster Family, Kim Heiniö.

Soupster is also the restaurateur of the Ateneum Bistro, which, in addition to café products, serves a buffet lunch, straightforward plated dishes, and its popular afternoon tea menu. Located on street level in the museum, the Ateneum Bistro is open to everyone and accepts table reservations. Café Höijer, however, does not offer table bookings, and because the café is located in the middle of the exhibition spaces, it is only open to museum visitors.

“The Ateneum Bistro and Café Höijer complement each other perfectly, completing the Ateneum’s restaurant offering. Original and high-quality museum cafés are very popular both in Finland and abroad, and they form an important part of a museum visit. I am glad that in the future we will be able to offer our visitors art experiences, but also a double helping of culinary experiences”, says the director of the Ateneum Art Museum, Marja Sakari.

Over the years, room 3.13, which now accommodates Café Höijer, has housed, for example, the painting studio of the Finnish Art Society, Studio N of the Finnish National Gallery’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and sometimes a pop-up café. The space has also served as an exhibition gallery for the Ateneum.

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Café Höijer has opened in Ateneum Art Museum. Photo: Samuel Ashcroft