A parent with two kids holding hands walking to the exhibition.
Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Jenni Nurminen

With Children

The Ateneum is a hugely fascinating building for children, too. Through the eyes of children, adults can see familiar classics from a new angle. Stroll around together and see what you find – it may be a new favourite or two!

Welcome to Ateneum!

The Ateneum is the biggest art museum in Finland and the home of Finnish art. It houses works from the Finnish National Gallery’s collections, which all Finns own together. 

In addition to its permanent collections exhibition, the Ateneum hosts temporary exhibitions. At the Ateneum, you will always find old favourites and new experiences. 


Free entrance for visitors under 18 years old 

All guests under 18 years old are welcome at the Ateneum free of charge. Get your entrance ticket sticker at Ticket Sales. 

Opening hours and entrance tickets


The Ateneum has two entrances: one on Kaivokatu and one on Ateneuminkuja. The Ateneuminkuja entrance is accessible. 

Leave your coats, jackets and other outdoor clothes, and backpacks and other large bags in the cloakroom or in the lockers on the first floor. The cloakroom is free of charge. 

Arrival and accessibility

Photo: Finnish National Gallery/ Jenni Nurminen.

Stories of Finnish Art collections exhibition 

The Ateneum Art Museum hosts the oldest and most extensive art collection in Finland. Its beloved classics in the Stories of Finnish Art exhibition are located on the second floor. 

The collection provides a journey through Finnish art and history. The works of art present life, people and nature from a period of more than 100 years. The tour begins in the Landscape gallery (19), but feel free to start wherever you like. 

Guided tours for children

Check all the guided tours

You can book a guided tour or an exhibition intro for children for your group. You can also arrange a jolly art-themed birthday party at the Ateneum. 

Enquiries and bookings for groups: 
sales@fng.fi  or by phone at +358 294 500 500 from 10:00–14:00 Monday to Friday. 

Guided Tour with Skissi the Cat

The Ateneum’s guided tour for children is a playful adventure into classic art. A guide takes children on a journey, during which they experience a variety of works. What can they find in them? The guided tour feeds the children’s imagination and provides them with personal contact with art. Joining the children on the tour is the Ateneum’s mascot, the cat Skissi. 

The guided tour is suitable for 4–8-year-olds. Children can only take the tour if accompanied by an adult (max. five children per adult).

You can also arrange a jolly art-themed birthday party with Skissi! Read more

Restrictions may have an effect on the group size and availability. At the moment group size is limited to max 15 people.

Tour languages: Finnish, Swedish and English
€95 + tickets
Day care centers and schools on weekdays €70
Group size: Max. 20 persons, max 5 children / adult
Length: c. 45 min

Time Travelling – An Exhibition Intro for Children

Aikamatkalla – Lasten johdanto Suomen taiteen tarinaan

You are invited to go time travelling in the world of art! Targeted at children, this exhibition intro presents the Stories of Finnish Art exhibition, providing fascinating views into art. An Ateneum guide introduces children to various works, taking them from the countryside to the city and on a time journey through decades of art.

Restrictions may have an effect on the group size and availability. At the moment group size is limited to max 15 people.

Tour languages: Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian
Price: €75 + tickets
Kindergartens and schools: €45 / group
Group size: 1 to 18 people
Duration: 20 min

Please make your reservation four weeks before the occasion.

Go for an independent tour by with Skissi the Cat

You can explore the Stories of Finnish Art exhibition with Skissi the Cat, the Ateneum’s very own feline mascot. Skissi is a dedicated friend of all 4-to-7-year-olds visiting the museum. 

The best place to start a tour with Skissi is the main gallery (Gallery 13). Grab a tour leaflet at Ticket Sales on the first floor. 

Explore the world of art with Skissi


The Ateneum used to be an art school, too. In other words, the Ateneum has always been a place for both viewing and making art. Along the same lines, both children and adults are welcome to experiment with various art techniques in our Saturday workshops.  As a rule, guests under 18 years old are welcome free of charge.