ateneum for kids

The Ateneum is a hugely fascinating building for children, too. Through the eyes of children, adults can see familiar classics from a new angle. Stroll around together and see what you find – it may be a new favourite or two!

Welcome to Ateneum!

The Ateneum is the biggest art museum in Finland and the home of Finnish art. It houses works from the Finnish National Gallery’s collections, which all Finns own together. 

In addition to the permanent exhibition A question of time, the Ateneum hosts temporary exhibitions. At the Ateneum, you will always find old favourites and new experiences. 


Free entrance for visitors under 18 years old 

All guests under 18 years old are welcome at the Ateneum free of charge.

Opening hours and entrance tickets


The Ateneum has two entrances: one on Kaivokatu and one on Ateneuminkuja. The Ateneuminkuja entrance is accessible. 

Leave your coats, jackets and other outdoor clothes, and backpacks and other large bags in the cloakroom or in the lockers on the first floor. The cloakroom is free of charge. 

Arrival and accessibility


The Studio is a functional space as well as a place for conversation and rest. It is located on the second floor, next to the main exhibition hall. In the Studio, you can focus more deeply on a single artwork, that changes regularly. Visitors of all ages can draw, rest, read and hang out (tai spend time) in the space. You can also find puzzles for small children.

Children’s brochure – Together

Upon arrival, you find children’s brochures from ticket halls tables and brochure stands. The brochure enables you to make a journey of discovery around the collection exhibition A Question of Time. The brochure highlights specific works of art, with the idea of encouraging joint reflection and discussion when viewing the works.

Saturday workshops

Come to our Saturday workshops to create art yourself! In the spring workshops, we create our own pictorial greetings on blank postcards using mixed media.

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