Museum visitors are sitting at a gallery space.
A guided tour of the Kaikuu (‘Echo – Learning Finnish with the Ateneum’) project. Photo: Helka Miettunen

Echo – learning Finnish with the Ateneum

Funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Kaikuu – suomea Ateneumissa is a development project that aims to strengthen the foundation and continuity of culture. The project is implemented by the public programming at the Ateneum Art Museum, which is part of the Finnish National Gallery. Its partners in the Kaikuu project are the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki, the Finnish Museums Association, and the Finnish Centre for Easy Language (Selkokeskus).

The Kaikuu tours in the Ateneum Art Museum are designed for Finnish language students with different backgrounds. Conducted in 2020 and 2021, the tours are organised in collaboration with students from the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki. 

The tours are based on open discussion in front of artworks. Art and culture offer a context that enables people to discover new perspectives and common interests or experiences. By talking with each other we can learn about culture, art, history and what it means to be a human being. 


Handbook for inclusive guided tours using easy language. Kaikuu is a user-oriented concept for groups who need easy Finnish to support
their museum visit. Its core idea is to use participatory discussion to give the visitors an empowering experience.

Let’s talk about art!

Easy language texts and exercises related to works in the Ateneum Art Museum.