The Many Not Lives of One Ilya Repin

The Many Not Lives Of One Ilya Repin is an inquisitory digital performance keen on deciphering the means of a medium removed from its roots. As implied by its title it is a piece that is as much about Ilya Repin as it is not.

  • 18.5.–29.8.2021
Tickets: free admission
Two people are sitting at the main staircase of the Ateneum. Black and white image.
The Many Not Lives of One Ilya Repin

director laika maa

Maa studies her relation to the exhibition and its relation to the world surrounding it in this claustrophobic encapsulation performed and shot within 3 days at the Repin exhibition. Endlessly referential, of eastern as well as western culture, the Helsinki based production uses as its base a script written in English, translated to Russian and subtitled back to Finnish for it’s principal audience.

The script consists of a single conversation between “The Man” and “The Woman”, written by the 22-year-old trans creator, that it utilises as the production delves into universal experiences of dread, longing, deceit, hope and the conundrum of whether or not to believe, whatever the subject at hand might be.

The production group of The Many Not Lives Of One Ilya Repin is a diverse team of professionals and art students from Finland and Russia.

Watch the performance (duration 11 minutes)

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The Many Not Lives Of One Ilya Repin

Production team

Written and directed by
Laika Maa

Curated by
Olesia Khusnimardanova

Performed by
Alexander Suhonen
Anna Heinonen
Laika Maa

Cinematography by
Saga Kinni
Simo Pukkinen
Nestori Majoinen
Tuukka Kovasiipi

Sound design by
Onni Laine

Costume design by
Helmi Hagelin

Hair and makeup by
Khira Derraqi

The production was overseen by Mari Jalkanen, Public Programme Producer, and Timo Nurminen, Technical Supervisor, from The Ateneum Art Museum.

Photos of the performance

Photos: Simo Pukkinen