Art up close: The Act of Caring   

A work about caring for others

The Act of Caring is an interactive poetic and physical performance created by the performance artist Gabriela Ariana, in which the artist invites the audience to receive a gentle treatment. You can also participate in the performance as a spectator only. The performance ends with music, which produces a shared space and experience for all participants.

  • 5.12.2023 at 17–18:30
  • 17.2.2024 at 15–16:30
2nd floor
Tickets: with a museum ticket

About the project

Caring is a contract between two people. One accepts the need for care and the other agrees to provide care. Two people who do not know each other share an intimate moment, in which the needs of the person being cared for are met by the carer. Care is touching and supporting, a fundamental life experience. No one would be in this world without it – we are all born out of touch. 

The Act of Caring is the first part of Gabriela Ariana’s project entitled Mother. In this project, motherhood, or in the artist’s own words, mothering, does not depend on gender, but it is something that is in every person who cares for other people. 

The performance lasts for approximately 90 minutes.

Gabriela Ariana, performance

Karoliina Kantelinen, music (5.12.)

Mikko Haapoja, music (17.2.)