UrpanApa x ateneum

  • 15.11.–18.11.2023
Tickets: with a museum ticket

A multidisciplinary festival

This year, the UrbanApa X Ateneum festival takes place from 15 to 18 November. During the multidisciplinary festival, a diverse group of performing arts, music, and visual arts professionals perform at the Ateneum Art Museum. The thematic landscape of this edition of UrbanApa x Ateneum festival is in the deep / on the surface.

This autumn we ask: What kinds of things are present and in motion – what is surfacing in society and culture at large and what is making moves in the depths of undercurrents? Can things be simultaenously superficial and light as well as deep and revolutionary? How about playful, feminist, communal and utopistic? We argue that topicality and joy, surface and depth, pleasure and subversion can and do coexist. Join us to experience it!

Among other things, the multidisciplinary program of the festival includes dance, performances and discussions. Detailed information will be published closer to date. You can find the latest updates on UrbanApa’s and Ateneum’s websites and social media channels.

Founded in 2009, UrbanApa is an anti-racist and feminist art community that acts as a platform for art events, new ways of doing, and discourses that centre on art. The community has been managed by UTT ry association since 2011. UrbanApa organizes events, performances, arts incubators, clubs, music festivals, site specific works and workshops. The community’s goal is to employ artists and to create a platform for new artistic events and meetings.

UrbanApa’s values include communality, intersectional feminism, decolonialism, inclusivity, equality, softness, play and joy. The community strives to look into the future, to re-think the kind of art that could and should be done.

Information about the programme is to be updated later.