Free-admission day

Free admission to the Ateneum all day. You are welcome to enjoy the exhibitions and the atmosphere! We will have six free-admission days in 2023.

  • 15.12.2023 at 10–20:30
Tickets: free admission
Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Aleks Talve

Dive into The World of Hugo Simberg! 

10:00-20:30 Fokus Gallery

Visit the virtual exhibition The World of Hugo Simberg at the National Gallery with VR headset. Simberg’s delicate gouache paintings come to life in a virtual environment, offering a unique experience where everything is at once strange and familiar.   

The virtual exhibition will showcase Simberg’s luminous, paper-based gouache paintings, which are subject to many limitations when displayed in a traditional exhibition. Some of Simberg’s most beloved works, such as The Garden of Death (1896) and Frost (1895), were created in the late 1890s during Simberg’s early career as an artist, when he stayed in Ruovesi under Akseli Gallen-Kallela and travelled to London, Paris and Italy. The exhibition is curated by Marja Lahelma, PhD. The exhibition has been produced in partnership with the production company Donkey Hotel Oy and the animation studio Talking Animals.   

The virtual exhibition takes 15-20 minutes to view, you can make an appointment when you arrive at the museum. Staff will be on hand to help you use the VR headset. 

A browser-based version of the exhibition has also been created for Digimuseo, so you don’t need VR headset to experience it.

Explore the exhibition on your browser

The VR version of the exhibition will also be on display at the PoCo Museum in Tallinn from 6 November 2023 to 29 February 2024.