Children’s Saturday

Come together over art

Looking for something fun to do and a break from everyday routines? On Children’s Saturday, we welcome children and visitors with children to the Ateneum. Feel free to spend the whole day with us. The programme activities are included in the museum admission fee, and admission is always free for under 18-year-olds.

  • 20.5.2023 at 10–17
  • 30.9.2023 at 10–17
suitable for children
Tickets: with a museum ticket

Excellent creatures

The theme of the September event is insects and various small creatures. We approach the topic through exploration and imagination. 

The programme for the day includes art workshops, performances, and guided tours of the exhibition A Question of Time. The number of participants is limited, and registration takes place upon arrival at the museum. 


Saturday workshop 

Workshop space, floor 2.5 

A strange bug – drawing and painting workshop 
We explore insects through observation, envisaging new traits for them in the future. The working methods are drawing and wash painting. 

Read more about Saturday workshops

Guided tours for children

At 12:00 and at 13:00 (in Finnish)

Read more about guided tours (in Finnish)

Concert: Small creatures 

Ateneum Hall, floor 1.5 
At 13:00 and 14:00 

“The tunes should be short. The creatures featured should not be bigger than a cat.” Each small composition to be heard in the concert depicts a trait or quality in one animal. In addition to the pieces of music performed by the guitarist Petri Kumela, the concert will feature clever and humorous poems based on fascinating facts about animals, read by the author Laura Ruohonen. The concert lasts for approximately 25 minutes. The concert is in Finnish. 

Petri Kumela, guitar 
Laura Ruohonen, poems 
Erika Kallasmaa, illustrations 

Lecture: Did you know? Science and art for children 

Ateneum Hall, floor 1.5 
At 15:00

In the Did you know? lectures, experts from various fields introduce children to phenomena in science and art. Each lecture lasts for approximately 30 minutes, after which the lecturer answers questions from the audience. The lecture is recommended for schoolchildren. The lecture is held in Finnish.