Albert Edelfelt: Pariisin Luxembourgin puistossa, 1887. Kansallisgalleria / Ateneumin taidemuseo, kok. Antell. Kuva: Kansallisgalleria / Hannu Aaltonen
Albert Edelfelt: The Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, 1887. Finnish National Gallery / Ateneum Art Museum, coll. Antell. Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Hannu Aaltonen

Spring Trip to the Ateneum – free virtual guided tour for schools

Follow in the footsteps of artists! We are offering schools free virtual group tours (grades 4–9) of the exhibition in May 2021. The tours cover key works in the Ateneum collections. The interactive tours are conducted via the Microsoft Teams platform.

The free Spring Trip virtual tours are all fully booked. If you missed it and still want to take the tour, you can book the paid-for In the Artists’ Footsteps virtual tour (70 €) here.

The virtual guided tour explores key works in the Ateneum collections and artists who travelled abroad for study or work as far as a hundred years ago or more. Travel in those days was slow, and we simulate that pace by studying the artworks in a leisurely and in-depth tour, asking questions like: Where did Helene Schjerfbeck paint The Convalescent? How did Albert Edelfelt complete his cherished masterpiece?

Though the tour will be streamed on the Teams platform, it is not necessary to download the Teams app; you can use your browser. You can take the tour as a group or individually, using the link we provide.

To participate in the virtual guided tour, you need a network connection with a minimum speed of 10 Mbit/s or a 4G connection. Virtual tours may not be recorded.

Target group: comprehensive school grades 4–9
Group size: one school class
Duration: 45 min
Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English
Price: 0 €

Reserve a tour for your group (one tour/teacher) at our online store from Thu 15 April from 7:00 onwards. We are giving away a total of 43 tours.

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More info: sales [a] or tel. 0294 500 500 (Mon–Fri, 10–14)

Ateneum Art Museum won the Helsinki Travel Award in February 2020. We are using the prize money of 3,000 euros to provide these virtual tours to schools free of charge.