The Ateneum building. A tram goes by the museum
Photo: Ville Malja

Ateneum to undergo renovation from 28 March 2022

The Ateneum Art Museum will be closed to the public due to ventilation renovation starting 28 March 2022. The museum shop, the Ateneum Bistro and the research library will also be closed during the renovation. The museum will reopen in early 2023 (the date to be announced separately).

During the renovation, the Ateneum’s ventilation systems will be renewed to meet the demands set by both the works of art and the increased number of visitors. Changes will also be made to, for example, the toilets and the entrance on Ateneuminkuja.

Read more about the renovation on the Senate Properties website (in Finnish)

Exhibitions on display until Sunday 27 March 2022

The following exhibitions will be on display until the start of the renovation:

The Modern Woman
Dialogue – Elina Brotherus & Hannele Rantala
Collections exhibition Stories of Finnish Art
Fokus Gallery: Eino Ruutsalo’s Experimental 1960s

After the renovation, in early 2023, the Ateneum will open a completely new collection exhibition. Other 2023 exhibitions will be announced later.

Extended opening hours from 1 to 27 March 2022

From 1 to 27 March 2022, the exhibitions will be open daily from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00. The Ateneum is closed on Mondays.