Ateneum Guide enhances your exhibition experience

The stories told by the Ateneum Guide audio guide enrich your experience as you explore the exhibition A Question of Time. Use the audio guide to learn more about the works of your choice as you move around the exhibition at your own pace.

Starting from spring 2023, we will offer an enhanced exhibition experience to the independent museum visitor. The audio guide provides you with more information about the key works in the collection exhibition A Question of Time and lets you immerse yourself in them in peace and at your own pace.

Inspirational content

We have selected 23 works of art for inclusion in the audio guide. An audio description of each work, lasting approximately two minutes, is provided for you to listen to. You can also read the description on your phone’s screen, if you so wish. In the audio guide, an expert guide provides background information on each work and its creation, gives interesting facts, and asks questions for you to consider, to help you get more out of the work or theme.

You can move around the exhibition at your own pace and take breaks as you wish. You can always return to the works that interest you and resume the audio descriptions.

How to use the audio guide at the exhibition

Please bring your own mobile device with you to the exhibition. We recommend using your own headphones, but if necessary, you can also listen to the audio descriptions on a speaker at a moderate volume. Type in the address field of your phone’s web browser to listen to all the audio descriptions for the exhibition. As you move around the exhibition, you can see the Ateneum Guide symbol next to the works included in the audio guide. The exhibit labels for these works always feature a QR code and a work number, either of which can be used for direct access to the related audio description.

More information

If you have questions about the use of the audio guide or if you experience problems, you can always contact our museum staff, who will be happy to help you. You can also give feedback on the audio guide by using a feedback form.

Open the audio guide

Ateneum Guide, text production:

Anu Utriainen, Timo Huusko, Satu Itkonen, Anne-Maria Pennonen, Mariia Niskavaara, Hanne Selkokari and Anja Olavinen

Ateneum Guide, readers:

Anna Brear and Johan Brear


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