Ateneum theme: Lectures on Albert Edelfelt

You are invited to hear perspectives on Albert Edelfelt and his art from different experts.

  • 9.5.2023 at 17–18:15
  • 30.8.2023 at 17–18:15
  • 6.9.2023 at 17–18:15
  • 13.9.2023 at 17–18:15
in Finnish, in Swedish
Ateneum Hall
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Sun setting at the ridge. In front of the picture there are little trees and roots.
Edelfelt, Albert: Kaukola Ridge at Sunset, 1889 – 1890. Finnish National Gallery / Ateneum Art Museum. Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Hannu Pakarinen

Four lectures

Tue 9 May, 17:00–18:15 Edelfelt returns home via Paris and Gothenburg 

The lecturers are the curator of exhibitions Anne-Maria Pennonen, PhD, and the curator of collections Hanne Selkokari, PhD, of the Ateneum Art Museum.

The curators of the Albert Edelfelt exhibition discuss its themes and the works featured. Pennonen and Selkokari shed light on Edelfelt’s importance as a respected and beloved artist and an influential figure in the world of art. The lecture is held in Finnish. 

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Wed 30 Aug, 17:00–18:15 Father, son and politics: the anti-Russianism and left-wing radicalism of Albert Edelfelt and his son Erik 

Anna Kortelainen katsoo suoraan eteenpäin kädet puuskassa.

The lecturer is the writer Anna Kortelainen, PhD. The legacy passed from father to son in the Edelfelt family seemed to be laden with a generation-gap defiance. However, in fact, in his radicalism, the son retraced his father’s footsteps, but in reverse order and partially outside the law. The lecture provides an introduction to Edelfelt’s left-wing-republican paintings and the active political engagement of his son Erik. The lecture is held in Finnish. 

Wed 6 Sep, 17:00–18:15 A suitable match. Scenes from the life of Ellan de la Chapelle and Albert Edelfelt. 

The art and cultural historian Maria Vainio-Kurtakko, PhD, talks about the life of the Edelfelts in international and Finnish society at the end of the 19th century, amid the conflicting expectations of the estate-based society of the time, emancipation, and artistic life. The lecture is held in Swedish.

Vainio-Kurtakko’s award-winning book Ett gott parti. Scener ur Ellan de la Chapelles och Albert Edelfelts liv has also been published in Finnish as Sovelias liitto. Kohtauksia Ellan de la Chapellen ja Albert Edelfeltin elämästä (‘A suitable match. Scenes from the life of Ellan de la Chapelle and Albert Edelfelt’). 

Wed 13 Sep, 17:00–18:15 The mystery of the young woman in grey 

The lecture takes a closer look at Albert Edelfelt’s work Young Woman in Grey from 1878 and Gunnar Berndtson’s paintings from the same period. At the end of the 1870s in Paris, the two artists portrayed the same, often anonymous people in their paintings, and they may have used the same models and props for their works, as Edelfelt was working at Berndtson’s studio at the time.  

What kind of new information can be obtained about the work by combining research in art history, painting techniques and materials? 

In the lecture, the conservator Katariina Johde (Finnish National Gallery), the curator of collections Hanne Selkokari (Ateneum), and the senior researcher Hanne Tikkala (Finnish National Gallery) discuss the research findings. The lecture is held in Finnish.