Sunday of guided tours: Exhibition intros

All our visitors are welcome to attend an exhibition intro on the first Sunday of the month. Guided tours are offered in four languages: Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian.

  • 7.5.2023 at 11:30–15:30
  • 4.6.2023 at 11:30–15:30
  • 2.7.2023 at 11:30–15:30
  • 6.8.2023 at 11:30–15:30
  • 3.9.2023 at 11:30–15:30
in Swedish, in Russian, in Finnish, in English
Ateneum Hall
Tickets: with a museum ticket
The picture shows white water lilies on dark water.
Albert Edelfelt: Water Lilies, Study for the Youth and a Mermaid, 1896. Finnish National Gallery / Ateneum Art Museum. Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Jenni Nurminen.

Introduction to the Albert Edelfelt exhibition

  • In Finnish at 11:30 
  • In English at 12:30 
  • In Russian at 14:00 
  • In Swedish at 15:00 

In the exhibition intro, held in the Ateneum Hall, an expert guide introduces visitors to Albert Edelfelt’s art with the help of a rich visual presentation. After the intro, which lasts about half an hour, you are free to explore the exhibition at your own pace. 

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