Become a Friend of Ateneum

The Friends of Ateneum is a meeting place for art lovers. The core of the association is love for the Ateneum, passion for art and the will to view art and experience culture together.

As a Friend, you get 

  • a chance to attend the Friends of Ateneum events (arranged in Finnish)
  • an invitation to the Ateneum’s exhibition openings
  • free admission to the Ateneum’s exhibitions and benefits at the Ateneum’s events 
  • newsletters in Finnish related to the membership programme and the Ateneum’s exhibitions and events 
  • discounts in the Ateneum’s museum shop 
  • discounts in the Ateneum’s café
  • to support the Ateneum

Fall in love with Ateneum, Become a Friend

You can join the Friends of Ateneum at the museum’s information desk or the Museum shop. Membership is valid until the end of March of the calendar year following the payment date. Member invoices for the following year will be automatically sent to members.

Support for Ateneum 

The Friends of Ateneum is the oldest museum friends’ association in Finland, founded in 1919 by Amos Anderson, Väinö Blomstedt and Eero Järnefelt, among others. Its original goal was to help the Ateneum acquire art for its collection.  

Art donations to the museum are still one of the over 100-year-old association’s duties of honour. The Friends’ donation collection includes works by Hugo Simberg, Helene Schjerfbeck and Sulho Sipilä. In addition, the association supports the Ateneum with annual contributions and volunteer work. 

The Friends of Ateneum provides its members a versatile all-year member programme and invitations to openings and special events where you can enjoy the company of Friends. You always have a free admission to the Ateneum, the home of art and its Friends.

Friendship is a joy! 

Friends of Ateneum Board

The Chairman of the Friends of Ateneum Board is Ainomaija Haarla. Other members are Anu Karessuo, Teemu Muurimäki, Katja Räisänen, Mirva Saukkola, Aija Staffans ja Anne-Marie Suomalainen.

Contact us

Ateneumin ystävät ry
Kaivokatu 2
00100 Helsinki
ystavat [a]

Producer Emma Valjakka , mobile 040 171 9911, emma.valjakka [a]