Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Jenni Nurminen

Ateneum for all

Programme made possible by a bequest

  • In 2022, the Finnish National Gallery received a significant bequest.
  • In accordance with the wishes of the donor, the bequest will be used for exhibition and museum activities at the Ateneum Art Museum.
  • The money from the bequest will be used, for example, towards implementing the Ateneum for All programme, which explores new opportunities for participation for museum-goers.
  • The Ateneum for All programme develops the museum’s outreach activities together with audiences and various professional groups at the museum.
  • The cooperation will produce information for all those involved, regarding the various needs that can be met by museum activities.
  • The starting point is to include communities and to respond to their needs.
  • Participation in the programme is free for those involved.
  • The activities to be developed pay special attention to cultural and linguistic diversity, the special needs related to disabilities, and socio-economic factors.
  • The Ateneum for All programme includes, for example, guided tours and art workshops in easy Finnish.


Community Producer Inka Yli-Tepsa 


Tel. +358 294 500 321

What the program offers 

Visiting instructions in easy Finnish

Visiting instructions in easy Finnish

Presentations of the Ateneum in the Ateneum Hall in easy Finnish on free-admission days

On free-admission days, the Ateneum Art Museum offers 30-minute ‘Welcome to the Ateneum’ presentations in easy Finnish. The presentations are held in the Ateneum Hall (floor 1.5).

Guided tours of the exhibition A Question of Time in easy Finnish
  • The Ateneum offers groups guided tours in easy Finnish and free access to the museum.
  • Easy Finnish is easier to understand than standard Finnish.
  • These guided tours are specifically designed for groups that benefit from easy Finnish.
  • Led by a guide, the groups explore the museum and selected works from the exhibition A Question of Time.
  • The guided tour includes participatory discussion.
  • Group size: recommended for up to 15 people.
  • Duration of the guided tours: max. 1 hr.
  • In Finnish.

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Echo – learning Finnish with the Ateneum

The basis of the Ateneum Art Museum’s Kaikuu activities is to enable equality in all interactive encounters and to provide an opportunity for people to share something that is important to them. In the autumn of 2023, guided tours are offered to students of Finnish as a second language. The tours use easy Finnish and include participatory discussion of artworks.

Each group is offered a programme of three sessions:

  • Duration: 3 x 90 min.
  • For the first session, the guide meets the group at the school.
  • For the second and third sessions, the group comes to the Ateneum.

The programme is based on the Kaikuu project, which was conducted from 2019 to 2021 at the Ateneum Art Museum. You can read more about the project on its website.

Check out the Kaikuu project website



The Kettuki association is a partner of the Ateneum for All community outreach programme. The goal of Kettuki is to improve opportunities for people with special needs to study art and do it as a hobby, as well as to work professionally in art. As a partner of Kettuki, we share information and expertise, network, and participate in national network meetings organised by Kettuki.

Read more about Kettuki

Autism Foundation Finland

In the autumn of 2023, we will, in cooperation with Autism Foundation Finland, hold an art club at the Ateneum, which will feature artists from Autism Foundation Finland’s art studio in Vallila. At the art club, participants explore the Ateneum and meet museum professionals, discuss works of art, and create art in a workshop. The art club is planned together with participants and Autism Foundation Finland instructors, which is helpful when we organise future art activities with other groups with special needs.

Read more about Autism Foundation Finland on their website

HelsinkiMission‘s culture companions

We cooperate with HelsinkiMission’s culture companions, who are volunteers who help people to participate in cultural activities, by meeting them and introducing them to the Ateneum.

Check out the website of the culture companions (in Finnish only)