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fashion designer

Sophie Sälekari is a womenswear and textile designer whose collections have been recognised in several fashion competitions around the world. Her work has been featured on the pages of publications such as Women’s Wear Daily, CR Fashion Book, and Elle. In September 2015, the Italian Vogue named Sophie as one of the designers for the new era.

Her work has been characterised as including an individual style and an understanding of how to use colours, prints and various textiles in a bold but elegant manner. Currently, Sälekari is working as a textile designer with Alexander McQueen in London and continues to cooperate with her Finnish clients.

Sophie Sälekari experiments with new working methods in her artist’s coat

“I went to the exhibition a couple of times with my sketchbook. Several works stuck in my mind and resonated with me through their use of colour or subject matter. I was impressed by one work in particular: Birger Carlstedt’s exotic and ‘un-Finnish’ painting entitled Music (1938). The work is, in a positive sense, in conflict with what we consider to be Finnish.

As a fashion and print designer, the things that interest me in paintings include the use of colour and various ornaments, and how different kinds of surface structures come to the fore. In my artist’s coat, I wanted to experiment with new working methods, based on surfaces and patterns created by Carlstedt. I wanted to explore how I can use a print to create an illusion of a different material and three-dimensionality in the design and material of the coat.”

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