Harri Koskinen « Takaisin


Harri Koskinen is an industrial designer who has won a number of awards both in Finland and abroad. He has worked for internationally renowned clients such as Alessi, Genelec, Iittala, and Issey Miyake. In addition to the projects for his own design agency, Friends of Industry, Koskinen works as design director at Iittala.

Harri Koskinen’s minimalist style is reproduced in the artist’s coat

Koskinen’s artist’s coat design was inspired by tabula rasa, a clean slate. This artist’s coat leaves room for the painter to work. What is the painter thinking just before starting work, when faced with just an empty canvas?

“My artist’s coat depicts a transition. I want my coat to leave room for the audience’s interpretation and to allow for the joy of discovery. I want the viewer to stop and think what the designer is trying to say with his design.”

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